About Us

Luxarc Archery Shop has been created in July 2021. We are the first online archery shop in Luxembourg. Nevertheless we also have a physical store where we are gladly welcoming you! We can help you to prevail in archery as competitive sport or as a beautiful form of recreation.

The owners Mariya Shkolna and Pit Klein are part of the Luxembourgish national team, practicing archery since 2010 and 2009, and coaching beginner to intermediate level archers since 2017. Both are World Archery level 2 certified coaches.

Mariya, is practicing compound archery and has a university degree in Physical Education and Personal Training, Luxembourgish level B coach and has multiple archery titles such as: Indoor World Champion 2014, European Champion 2014, Team World Champion 2015, Indoor European Champion 2017.

Pit from his side, is a part of Olympic Elite Squad in Luxembourg, Luxembourgish Army Elite Sport Soldier, has won the team bronze medal on the European Outdoor Championships in 2018 and is multiple national record holder in Olympic Recurve archery. Both are passionate about archery and it became part of their life.

All for archeryarchery for all

Archery is our life and passion which we are happy to share with others. In more than 20 years of combined archery experience, we learned many and great skills. We are more than happy to provide you with our help of choosing your shooting gear, setting-up your new or old equipment, preparing/fletching arrows and of course teaching you how to shoot the bow from A to Z. If you are an advanced archer, you are welcome to come by and use our professional machines for setting up your equipment and getting our advice for the most accurate set-up and best outcome for high results.

Archery as an individual sports discipline requires individual approach to each one of you. To help our clients, we are applying in our daily work all the knowledge, skills and experience we collected over the years.

If you didn’t try archery yet, we are encouraging you to try it with us. Be it Olympic Recurve, modern Compound or traditional Barebow. We can teach you the art of archery which will open to you a whole new world. You can become a competitive athlete, get confidence and learn how to win,. But archery can be also your way of mediation and relaxation after a hard working day, or just fun an recreational time with the bow for you and your family in your garden, it’s up to you!